Monday, April 17, 2006

High Court annuls asylum for white S.Africans

This article discusses "kinship ties" and persecution within the family. The Thomas family has already faced threats (car vandalized, dog poisoned) against their family by blacks in South Africa, but is that enough to constitute persecution? The courts do not think so. The California appeals court ruled that the Thomas family was eligible for asylum or refugee status, but the Supreme Court ruled that this case should have been sent back to the Board of Immigration Appeals. Should "kinship ties" be considered a social group under asylum law? For now, kinship ties are not considered to be a social group and the Thomas family will probably have to pack up and leave America.

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stacy h said...

It's quite crazy that obvious danger does not allow a family to stay protected in the United States. I guess dealing with kinship ties is fairly new, but it doesn't mean the case should be sent back to the Board of Immigration Appeals. I understand people might be concerned about establishing a precedent that could result in an influx of asylum seekers, but that should not outweigh the severity of danger. People need to check their priorities and recognize what is truly important.