Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fitness Cost for a Suicide Bomber

As stated in Arthur Miller's The Evolution of Evil, "Killing may inflict more momentous fitness costs on a victim than any other single act". Of course no one reading this blog would know for certain whether or not being murdered is a pleasant experience since we're all quite alive but most of us can guess that it is not a positive thing. From an evolutionary point of view, murder prevents the victim from reproducing and therefore cannot pass on his/her genes. In addition, the survival of the victim's family is threatened since the victim can no longer provide for them.A murder can also be categorized as more or less 'allowable' if the costs inflicted are equal to the benefits received, such as killing someone in self-defense. Then there is the other end of the spectrum, inflicting great costs for small gains, better known as an evil act.

In the case of a suicide bomber/jihadist, the individual is both perpetrator and victim. The murder and the murdered...

If killing inflicts the greatest fitness cost upon a person, then why are people flocking to become suicide bombers in places such as Israel and Iraq? Why are these people willing to pay a such a great cost- their life- in exchange for such a small gain? Is destroying 'the other' more valuable than one's own life?

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hewhowould said...

Self sacrifice. Just as an analogy, think about every super hero ever created. Look at their traits. The one trait that separates heroes from the villain is self sacrifice, the willing to give ones life for another without a moment’s hesitation. Each suicide bomber or other religious believe believes in self sacrifice. They believe so passionately that their cause is the right path that they are willing to give their life fully to the cause or even give away parts of their life in increments.

Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily- Napoleon Bonaparte

Jolly J the suicide bomber/ jihadist you speak of believe they are fighting a war. A war that if lost will bring about destruction and humiliation to not only their families but the generations of family and friends that have yet to come. And glory. Oh glory. Jolly J how far would you go to be praised by your community, to become immortalized in books and stories about how you gave your life for a greater cause? And what would you do if fates would smile for you on your death bed and will forever smile pleasantly on your family?