Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hungarian Leader Defies Calls to Resign

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany of Hungary, admitted to lying during his election campaign, which resulted in the public's request for him to resign from office. After lying to his people and denying their request the prime minister was quoted as saying “The job of the institutions of the republic is now to strengthen people’s faith that calm can be restored,” and concluded by stating “I am staying and I am doing my job.” I see this as an example of an individual who lost sight of the purpose of his position because of his hunger for power and control. Furthermore he justifies his decision to lie to the public by claiming that he is the only good decision for his country.
Gyurcsany was elected into office in 2004 as the socialist successor to the Communist party. I believe that this could serve as an example of a good person turned 'evil' by the position and power that he held. I don't think that he set out to do his country wrong in 2004 but it seems that in 2006 he has become a part of what he once fought against.

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