Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Real Pay-It-Forward Project

A friend sent me this url. I thought you might like to read it and think of alternative pay-it-forward projects. What do you think?

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Fix520 said...

This article reminded me of a story Kelly Ripa told on her morning talkshow. They open each morning with news, and since it's the holiday season something that pertains to the holidays. She said that a nice thing she likes to do during the holiday season is go to the post office and ask for some letters addressed to Santa. We know that hundreds of thousands of children every holiday season send a Christmas list to Santa with hopes that on Christmas morning they will have the latest toy to show off to their friends. But in most cases, the letters that the post office receives are from children that are writing Santa in hopes of a winter jacket, a pair of shoes, or a blanket to keep them warm. It makes you wonder, the kids writing Santa with wishes for the latest toy, may not receive everything on their list, but will infact get some “cool toy to show to their friends”. While the other children may not receive anything, not even a blanket to keep them warm. When I was growing up, I couldn’t wait to send my letter to Santa, and I could never actually sleep on Christmas eve because I was to anxious to see what Santa got me. It’s sad to that there are so many children who never have the chance to “have Santa” visit their homes.