Monday, February 19, 2007

Congo at the Crossroads

This Link is a link to a slide show of pictures with narration by the Photographer. It describes the sad state of affairs in the Congo. This is an African nation whose people have seen many hardships over recent years. I would strongly urge you to view the slide show because it is quiet interesting. I think that I found it so interesting because of the research I have been doing about Asylum Law.
Many of the people in the Congo face all sorts of trouble including, murders, beatings, displacement, and overwhelming exploitation. The Congo is a land rich in natural resources and for this reason both the national government, rebels, and multi-national corporations have been exploiting the land and its peoples.
In viewing this slide show you view and hear many things that beg the question why many still remain in the country. They face fears from groups that the government cannot control and violence is rampant. Thousands are dying.
The country has recently held “free” elections in 2006 and the chosen president still faces massive troubles. He must find a way to unite the country and put an end to the violence, which has raised many human rights issues.

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