Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Female Iraqi Refugees turn to prostitution

This interesting report (video) has been prepared by CBS News, and it depicts the plight of helpless Iraqi women on the streets of Damascus, the capital city of Syria. These women are widows, orphans and single parents who have no support and protection. Fleeing the horrors of war that have ravaveged their country, these Iraqi women have no other option but to sell their bodies to make ends meet. One of the Iraqi refugees says "It feels like getting raped every day." Imagine selling your honor, your self-respect and your dignity just to 'earn' a few dollars to survive.
The United States of America has announced that it will accept 7000 Iraqi refugees next year. Juat have a look at the video and think if admitting 7000 refugees is a 'generous' act on United States' part, the country that initiated the war. Do you think if United States should accept more refugees from Iraq? Is United States doing enough to resettle the Iraqi refugees that have been displaced by ethnic clashes and terrorist attcks? And lastly, how effective have been the efforts of International community in resettling the refugees from Afghanistan? (Afghanistan? remember, the Allied forces are still hunting down terrorists in Kabul and Quetta!!)


Snipe said...

Those are the side effects of that terrible war on Iraq. Definitely, it's a side that it's not commented as much as it should, because those are the remains of a country that was teared appart. Very sad

morgan marks said...

Just as our experiences in this class have shaped us, and made us grow a little more, watching that report makes you re-evaluate things. For me, what would it take for me to turn to prostitution? My circumstances would have to be very, very bad... but only because my circumstance now is nowhere near that of the women in Syria. Watching reports like that, and working with asylum seekers has made me realize how much I take for granted, every single day. We live in an American bubble sometimes, and it is such a shame - part of me wishes I knew their heartaches, and knew their stories firsthand, as it is so unfair that they suffer while I do not. It seems so unbelievable that women are forced to use their bodies to make money, and even more so that if the people who love them, their families, found out, they would kill themselves. My heart goes out to all those people who suffer unbearable conditions and are forced to become someone different, all only doing so, to survive.