Tuesday, February 27, 2007

'Find the Illegal Immigrant'

What happens when college students take immigration issues into their own hands, you get a campus wide man hunt in which college students pose as immigrants and hide from the other students who poses as the “Boarder Patrol”. The Event was sponsored by the NYU’s College Republicans and was planned to be held in the Washington Square Park.
The Republicans believed-- "The event will open up both vocally and physically the issue of illegal immigration," she said. "That it's not right to come here illegally while others are waiting to come here legally and receive free health care and jobs that undercut wages of American workers and people that are living here legally."
The Democrats believed- "It's the issues they address and the way they address them that seem to always be targeting fellow students and staff at NYU. It's hateful," Toiv said. "Why can't you talk about something that doesn't personally attack several students?"
I like the idea because it mixes protesting up with out attempting to harm people. And it also has a shock value that forces the issue of immigration into the papers and into the minds of people

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morgan marks said...

While the event will get much attention, it seems as if the whole thing is literally some sort of 'game,' while the purpose may seem to be forgotten along the way. The idea to make the topic known is acceptable but maybe the way it is being done is not. When people are offended and hurt because of an event, and not merely informed as planned, then something is wrong. There are other ways to spark discussion than to make a mock of peoples lives.