Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) is finally doing something right!

This article from the Washington Post details have 3 human rights abusers - from Peru, Argentina, and Cuba have recently been arrested by ICE for human rights violations. They are going to be tried and probably deported back to their country to face justice. Kudos finally for ICE.


YON said...

Is this to say that the thousands of illegal immigrants that ICE has apprehended processed and deported does not fall under “doing something right.” I commend the ICE officials on a job well done in catching these individuals who partake in human rights abuses, but I feel it is also right to commend them in their daily task of preventing illegal immigrants from hurting our country. These men and women deal with illegal immigrants on all levels, but from what I have seen, they largely deal with illegal immigrants who have committed crimes and broken the laws of our country and by rights do not deserve to remain in this land. It is somewhat slanderous to say they have “finally [done] something right.”

Dr. D said...

Well, I think you have to pick your words carefully -- it is not "somewhat slanderous" if it is true. Agreed -- ICE does get a bad wrap for many things -- but in many cases it is deserved. And yes, you're also right that we have to acknowledge the important service that ICE does in deporting individuals that are here illegally.However, it has done a very poor job overall. My comment was actually pitched to commend ICE -- not to necessarily condemn it for all it hasn't done or for all it hasn't done right.