Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Washington: We have a problem here!

So all the H1-B visa's for 2008 are already filled -- in fact the 65,000 cap was overwhelmed by over 150,000 applicants. What do you do now? The H1-B visa is for "skilled-workers" -- in the computer industry, etc., -- I had an H1-B visa to work in the U.S. before I became a permanent resident and then naturalized citizen. If we obviously have a need for more skilled workers but only have a cap at 65,000 what to do?


Dave said...

My girlfriend is in the going through this right now and as someone who's gone though it and become a citizen I'm asking for your help out!

Urge Congress to Provide H-1B Relief Now by filling out this form:


zain said...

As an international student, the issue is directly related to my career. All international students have to work in the United States for at least 2 years in order to get into a good grad school, and the problem comes in when we have to find employers who can sponsor our H1 visas. Firstly, it is extremely difficult for us to find such employers who are willing to take the trouble of applying for visas on our behalf. And secondly, it is very frequent that in the process of visa application, the real documents are misplaced and even lost by the relevant visa issuing authorities. Yes, the issuance of H1 visas has become a very big problem recently. The government and congress should reconsider to adjust the cap on H1 visa to accomodate the needs of the American economy.