Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bangladeshi asylum seeker faces death

Interesting story about a former Bangladeshi diplomat seeking asylum in the U.S. He was charged and tried -- found guilty of complicity in a coup d'etat that resulted in the murder of a former Bangladeshi President and his family.
The U.S. asylum seeker claims that he wasn't involved in the killing of the President or his family - just in manning the road block to his house.
The asylum seeker's family is trying to get Canada to accept him as a third country alternative to being sent back to Bangladesh and his certain death by hanging.
Interesting dilemma. According to asylum law, an asylum seeker cannot avoid prosecution as opposed to persecution. However, he will most certainly face the death sentence. Canada is opposed to the death sentence, and hence there is a possibility that Canada could accept "Ahmed".
The other element is the REAL ID Act -- which will not give refuge to anyone who is a "terrorist" or who has provided material support to a terrorist organization -- which the U.S. 9th circuit court states is the case.
So what do you think should be done with Ahmed?

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Nipun said...

The Bangladeshi government should confirm that it is indeed Ahmed who killed the president and his family. It would be wrong on the Canadian governments part to give Ahmed shelter as it is then sheltering a 'wanted' criminal in its terittory. Either ways, Ahmed should have to return to Bangladesh and face the trial and even the death penalty if found guilty of comitting the murder(s) the president and his family.