Friday, May 25, 2007

H1-B Visa ceiling: What's the big deal?!

The Washington Post article linked above discusses some of the debate surrounding the proposal to increase the number of H1-B visas for "highly-skilled foreign workers".
Organizations like the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) are suggesting that this would somehow hurt U.S. born highly-skilled workers.
What's the deal? There is an obvious need for highly-skilled workers -- especially in the technology field. If it is an issue of those workers not being "highly-skilled enough", then maybe there needs to be more stringent standards of determining that. But get real! Canada, for example, has been utilizing the "point system" for many years in its immigration system. You get a certain # of points for being a skilled or unskilled laborer depending on what the Canadian economy is in need of. You also get points for having immediate family members living in the U.S. This is the 21st Century! If America doesn't keep up with technology at home -- i.e., educating American youth in science and technology -- then in order to stay compettive, we're going to have to get it from outside!

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Anonymous said...

Would you like to really know how H-1 Visa is abused.

I will give you details (names and solid information with proof) of an Indian IT company collecting $10 K from prospective employers in currency in India, transferring that cash (and I mean currency) to Pittsburgh, laundering the money using an elaborate scheme.

I can send you a fact sheet if I have your commitment to investigate it.

Up for the challenge?