Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Housing, a Human Right?

There have been many cases of Roma families in Serbia who are being forced to leave their homes. They are being evicted by the Serbian government, but the government is not doing anything in return to help resettle these families. The families are told simply to go look for jobs, but there is no help from government agencies to send them in the right direction. Due to recent problems with the economy, there just aren’t enough jobs around, and families are being told to leave their property and remove all of their possessions. Serbian authorities have failed to seek out adequate housing solutions for these families. Recent evictions have caused many families to start living on the streets, collecting trash to sell, and often, starve.

This video is a campaign from Amnesty International to help take action against this injustice. Their main premise centers around the idea that ‘housing is a human right.” When thinking about universal declaration of human rights and learning about protecting people from persecution, the idea of housing seems rather interesting. Should it be considered a human right or are we pushing the limit?

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