Tuesday, October 11, 2011


In 2010a little more than 9,500 Romanians and Bulgarians were expelled from France; so far, 4,714 Romanians and Bulgarians have been expelled from France in 2011. An immigration law, created in June 2011, targets Roma people who have had repeated short-term stays, have begged or occupied land for expulsion. France is continuing to expel innocent Roma people looking for a place to leave even after the European Commission warned France a year ago that they should take a look at their "abusive policies or face possible sanctions in the EU Court of Justice" (hrw.org). Apparently the European Commission is satisfied with how France responded to their warning; however, there doesn't seem to be a change at all. France is still continuing expel Roma; for example, since mid-September, hundreds of Roma have been expelled from informal settlements in Lyon, France. France does not want the Roma people to gain the benefits that a French citizen would have. In short, France is denying the Romanians and Bulgarians the right to even come into France for a short time.

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