Wednesday, October 12, 2011

over two dozen unarmed Coptic Christian protesters killed in Cairo

Peaceful walks by the Coptic Christian protesters ended in violence in Cairo this past Monday. The devestation occured just over a week after the burning of a Coptic Christian church in southern Egypt. The burning led to the Sunday protest, with the group demanding  equality and protection of their places of worship.

A total of 17 civilians were killed and 40 were injured. Moreover, 12 army troops died and 50 were injured. The protesters claim that they were peaceful and some other group began the violence against the military troops, ultimately leading to the chaos. This terrible unbelievable massacre has occured to peaceful demonstrators who were simply asking for their rights. Is the military to blame for the killing of over two dozen unarmed Coptic Christian protesters? It is still ambiguous as to who began the chaos, but the government simply failed to do its purpose, which is to protect its citizens. In this case, violence is used as a tool by a third party to not only attack the Coptic Christians but to also weaken the governments effectiveness, so can blame even be placed on the government?

Moreover, the Egyption finance minister, Hazem el-Beblawi, resigned the day after the protest saying that the "government failed in its main responsibility, which is to provide security, and it should at least acknowledge its failure to give this issue the effort it needed and apologize.”Instead of apologize, the government should commit their efforts to discover what group purposefully began the chaos and continues to attack the Coptic Christians.

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SWATTY said...

You would not understand the ridiculousness that is occurring in Egypt. It is honestly sad. There are a few articles that have predicted genocide of the Coptic Christian in Egypt. The thought just makes me sick!