Sunday, October 29, 2006

Doctor chops off limbs for beggars

In the United States, it is not very common to find young children with swollen bellies, and maimed bodies begging for money at traffic signals. However, in urban India, this is not an unfamiliar sight. What might surprise people even more is the fact that most Indians are aware of what is known as a "beggar Mafia" that is run by middle-men (known as "babus"). These babus kidnap children, or buy them from their desperate parents who can no longer support them and get them to beg. Often, their limbs are also chopped off to make them seem more sympathetic to the public. However, as if this wasn't enough, the link to this post provides an expose on who actually mutilates these children's bodies. One would think that such acts would be committed by some unqualified, "evil" people. However, in this case, a senior orthopedic surgeon talks about how he has no hassle with chopping off limbs of other human beings.

He speaks of how he can charge up to Rs. 10,00 for every such procedure (approximately $200). Is it then man's greed for money that lets him commit human rights abuses? Are we really that materialistic or is this medical-pracitioner simply evil?

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Elle said...

This is like a story from some sick horror movie. I simply cannot believe that it is true!! The extent that this man goes to in order to make the amputation seem legal in unbelievable. He literally cuts off the blood supply to the limb so that it will become infected before it is amputated. Even more disturbing was that the Dr. suggested other amputations and ways to make the beggar look the most pitiful. It seems that there must be a market, because he obviously knew what he was doing.
Instead of spending time talking about how horrible this is, I think that it is important to look at the root causes. This man does this because there is a market for these type of surgeries. The article went on to say that sometimes parents sell their children to become slaves because they are so poor. It seems to me that poverty is the root of this issue. If the people could have a decent standard of living, they could support their families. Then parents wouldn't need to sell their children to be slaves.
Secondly, it is absolutly horrific that parents would consider selling their children for money. This must mean that they are completly destitute.