Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bad teens

Are UK’s teens some of the worst behaved in Europe? This study by the Institute for Public Policy Research seems to suggest so. The article gives a lot of statistics about various indicators of “good” behavior. Some of these include:
- spending evenings out with friends
- eating regularly with family
- marijuana experimentation
- binge drinking
- consumerism
The study then goes on to suggest that “drugs, drink, violence and promiscuity” are some of these “bad behavior” characteristics. I think that this study may have even graver implications.
In an article which we read at the beginning of the year, entitled “Basic Human Needs, Altruism, and Aggression” Ervin Staub proposes a list of needs which every human needs in their life. He then goes on to suggest that the lack of one or more of these needs can increase an individual’s propensity for aggression. Ervin’s list of needs includes:
- physical and phychological security
- personal autonomy and control
- positive sefl esteem
- positive connections and relationships with others
- understanding of reality
It seems that the teens in Europe may be missing some of these basic needs. I absolutely believe that these needs are necessary for the positive development of an individual. In this case, this generation of adolescents in the UK may be little “genociders” in the making. What do you think?

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