Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just one guy's opinion on torture

I know this post might take a lot of heat but im going to write it anyway. When I was eating lunch today I saw a table set up protesting torture in America. Now I don't think torture is right just like I don't think that killing is right, but wIen i think of all those who died in SeptemberI11 i have to think if we had maybe tortured a terrorist and he had told us the plan could it all have been avoided? Now there are many, flaws in my thinking like if we were to detain the wrong person and torture someone who was innocent all along that would be a terrible thing. Or if we were to torture someone who didn't know anything. I don't think torture is right again but in times of war I think in some extreme cases it is necessary to save lives. Now the way in which the government has set up these laws I don't believe is right, every one should have their constituency rights to a lawyer and a trial but if then convicted as a terrorist, I believe the government should do what is necessary to keep the people of this nation from having to deal with another terrorist attack, that killed hundreds of innocent people. This is a new kind of war where the enemy doesn't wear a different color so you can pick them out, and I think this war needs to be fought differently for the safety and well being of American citizens. I know this stance may anger some people reading it and I would love to justify my opinion if you happen to comment.


Alex K said...

You're completly justified to your opinion, and it's a totally reasonable one. This is a different war. American citizens are being threatened, but it's not just our people that are being threatened, it's our way of life as a country. The USA has always been the home of freedom, and should always be. To torture people in the name of our country would be to go against everything we stand for as a country, and that would truely be letting the terrorists win.

Elle said...

Jimbo, you have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine. So I am going to express it.
In a perfect world, we would be able to know who are and who are not terrorists. We would never detain the wrong people, and only those who deserved it would be punnished. Unfortunatly, this is real life and real life does not work that way. No one can ever be certain whether an individual is a terrorist. (Look at the case of that guy from Canada who was extrodinarily extradited and held for 10 months) Furthermore, we can never know if that individual knows about large-scale terrorist attacks. By using torture, we will likely get many false statements which will send Americans into a frenxy about their security. I can never condone torture under any circumstances. This is because the system is never 100% fool proof. I do not think that it is worth it to accidently torture and detain a few innocent people on the possibility that we may, someday foil a future plot. Imagine, "Oh, sorry, we just took away four years of your life and tortured you to the point of mental damage...sorry! we'll try not to let it happen again!" This is unexcusable, and in a world of uncertainties we cannot afford to take such certain measures which can never be reversed.