Thursday, November 03, 2011

Doctors take an oath to help others, no? Save their lives? Help them?

A report entitled, Doctoring the Evidence, Abandoning the Victim, will be published later this month and it is based on 100 cases of Palestinian detainees brought to Public Committee Against Tortue, PCAT. The report reveals that Israeli doctors don't report torture of Palestinian detainees. They don't keep proper medical records of injuries caused during interrogations. There are "countless cases wherein individuals testified to injuries inflicted upon them during detention or in interrogation, and yet the medical record from the hospital or the prison service makes no mention of it." A man alleged in an affidavit that "he was beaten, held in stress positions and deprived of sleep. He said he told doctors of his ill-treatment and said he was suffering from severe arm, leg and back pain. His medical record shows that he was seen by doctors but the only comment noted is that the patient had no complaints and was in good overall condition." The report also mentions that the doctors return the detainees to interrogators after treatment, which essentially grants medical permission to continue on with their practices.  

I look forward to reading this report when it is published.    

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