Saturday, November 05, 2011

Is Asylum Working in Australia?

"Prime Minister Julia Gillard said Thursday that she remains committed to her thwarted policy for deterring asylum attempts by boat after at least eight people drowned in Indonesian waters while attempting to reach Australia."

After the fatal capsizing Australia's PM is trying to resurrect a deal with Malaysia to send asylum seekers there is return for resettling 4,000 refugees from Kuala Lumpur. The deal was meant to deter refugees from boarding dangerous boats in an attempt to reach Australian shores. Apparently there have been a rise in asylum seekers trying to reach Australia since the law was shelved.

Opposition is opposed to the bill because of Malaysia's poor human rights record, believing it is wrong to send asylum seekers there. Gillard at least claims to be looking out for the best interests of the asylum seekers, implying that her solution would be safer and lead to less accidents.

What do you think? Is Australia acting selfishly by trying to keep asylum seekers out? Or are they trying to providing an alternative that allows those fleeing persecution to avoid putting there lives at risk traversing dangerous waters to reach Australia?

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