Thursday, November 03, 2011

Families Torn Apart By Deportation

This article from the Huffington Post discusses the latest report from the Applied Research Center. The advocacy group has analyzed national data to create a better understanding of the serious problems involved with separating families through deportation. The author and chief investigator of the report, Seth Freed Wessler, found that, "almost one in four people deported is the parent of a United States citizen child." When parents are taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, their children are often placed in the foster care system and are sometimes never reunited with their families.

I think this is unfair and frankly insensitive to the needs of the child; there should be another way to handle the legal issues of undocumented immigrants without the parents and children being separated. Isn't America all about "family values?"


arabianknight said...

A very perplexing post Meg! It is a sad reality that when parents are taken into custody by ICE, their children are often placed in foster care. What's even more outrageous is the fact that sometimes children are never reunited with their families. I believe the biggest reason this is happening is simply because the public is not informed. We, as informed citizens, should educate others on the harsh realities of the immigration system; and together, get our congress representatives to push the federal government into making more fair laws.

Anonymous said...

i am an american born citizen and thank god my younger brother was a toddler at time unless both of my parents would of been detained and deported leaving us three kids in foster care... i always believed my country was full of family values vut i guess not.. after two yrs of fighting immgration we immgrate to canada which took a yr to process.. cmon deres got be respect for these torn families