Thursday, October 05, 2006

Evil in Africa?

You all need to take a look at Anderson Cooper's 360 Blog on his travels to Africa -- very disturbing, especially the gang rape of a 3 year old child. Does true evil exist in the hearts of some men? How else can you explain this?

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Anonymous said...

"Does true evil exist in the hearts of some men?"

After reading the article on females who are raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo, I came to realize that this question has an interesting answer.

A three-year-old girl was gang raped by solidiers and is now physically and mentally scarred for life. She has a horrible fear of men and will not even look them in the eye. "Because the rapes are so violent, women often develop fistulas -- ruptures in their vaginas or rectums that make it impossible to control bodily functions."

Another woman, Angela, was raped in front of her three children, shot in the arm (but survived) and her baby was burned. She, too, developed fistulas which was eventually fixed but she remains physcologically scarred for life. The worst part about it is that her husband kicked her out of his life for good. He views her as damaged goods and he fears that she might give him HIV.

So this comes down to the question, "Does true evil exist in the hearts of some men." In the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo, you not only have soldiers who are raping women, burning babies, destroying villages, spreading HIV, but you also have husbands leaving their women behind to survive on their own, who are looked upon as a walking disease and damaged goods.

What is wrong with these men? I find it appalling that husbands do not want to take care of their women after everything they have gone through. If husbands are not taking care of them, then no one is protecting them from the evils of the soldiers. The poor women are left with no place to go. There is just something wrong here. It seems as if in the case of the DRC, true evil exists in the hearts of ALL men.

--Kristy G