Monday, October 02, 2006

On a Positive Note

On a far more positive note than today's other events, today is the Indian holiday Gandhi Jayanti. It celebrates the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the originators of the concept of non-violent resistance. Gandhi proved that through diplomatic and nonviolent means, you can achieve an epic goal. After Gandhi proved non-violent resistance a powerful tool to liberate a country, why do so many still use violent means to try to liberate their countries?

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Noor M said...

The partition of India and Pakistan left 1 million people dead and I believe 14 million (or is it 15?) displaced from their homes. Being Indian, I see the partition as very closely related to our freedom struggle. It wasn't as non-violent as it's made out to be.
I think Gandhi made a mistake when he stopped the Home Rule movement becuase of the Chauri-Chaura incident where two white policemen were killed by Indian youth who wanted England to free India from their colonial rule.
We could have embraced "freedom" earlier if the Home Rule movement wasn't stopped by him. There's a lot about Gandhi that isn't publicized. I saw a statue of his at Union Square in NYC, wonder if the people who put it there tookt he time to do adequate research on this actions during India's freedom struggle.