Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Side by Side" The Amish & English

I thought I'd share this wonderfully, heartfelt written article by a Washington Post staff writer about the Amish and "English" communities coming together after the absolutely horrific tragedy of the Amish school house shootings.

It really helps calm my soul a bit if anything can after such a horrible tragedy.

I've lived in Lancaster County for almost 10 years now -- always curious but respectful of the Amish community. I have an even deeper respect for them now.

I wish that we could do something to make it better -- but I know that we can't. I just hope the Amish community realizes that the rest of the world, and particularly Lancaster County shares their grief.
I encourage all to donate to The Mennonite Central Committee's fund set up to help with medical expenses, etc., for the stricken Amish families. You can find this website at:

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