Friday, October 06, 2006

The Significance of a Small Deed

Hi everyone,

I thought this video clip would be particularly uplifting amidst all of the sad posts on the blog. It is a Liberty Mutual commercial that gives me chills every time I see it, so I thought I would share. It really demonstrates to me the domino effect of doing a good deed.


thisisnotathens said...

The clip does demonstrate the effect of a good deed. Too bad it has been bastardized by being used for a commercial.

What exactly is this commercial saying? When I see it I also feel good. It makes me hopeful for people in general. The first time I saw it I hoped so much it was not a commercial. I hoped that someone had the heart to produce the ad just to spread a message of common humanity and love.

Unfortunately this is not true. The good feelings that I had were dashed when I saw that this was indeed an attempt to sell me something. Liberty Mutual is attempting to make us believe that it helping us out of the kindness of their hearts... rather than just wanting our money. The entire concept of the commercial is destroyed bye the last 2 seconds proclaiming Liberty Mutual cares about you. They don't, they just want your money.

We should take that ad and cut off the last second or so. That way we can spread a message of compassion, rather than consumerism.

thisisnotathens said...
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Lindsey said...

Well so much for good feelings. Whether it came from a corporation or not, I still think that it is a great message. One of the reasons that it took me so long to track it down was because I couldn't remember the company that was advertising with it, so that shows how very little I cared about the consumerism behind it. And while I do not know anyone who works for Liberty Mutual, I would hate to think that all of its staff are a bunch of greedy slugs. I guess my point is that we can find trivial, ugly things in anything good, but for once can we just let them go?

hewhowould said...
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hewhowould said...

So it’s a commercial, over dramatized, and is meant to make a profit rather then support being good to your neighbor.

Who really cares? Its all part of the dichotomy of Life, Good and Evil. Every action that is good will have evil qualities to it. And every evil act will have good qualities to it, because in order for good to exist there must be evil.

As I was watching the video this one also caught my eye.

the free hugs breaks the social barriers and causes the government to ban it. Yet people unit under a single banner for soul purpose of hugs. Look at what happens to those around him, lives are not changed for the better but they will remember how they felt during the fight for free hugs.

morgan marks said...

hewhowould, how is it that every good action will have evil qualities - just because good must exist, does not mean there has to be evil in everything... and about the free hugs - how do you know a life was not changed? You know I was always told to smile at people, such a simple gesture, but you hear stories about people who were on the edge of suicide, alone, depressed, and felt like they had no one, but one person doing one simple gesture made them choose to live - so one hug could have changed someone's life, made someone's day - simple good gestures and deeds can do a long way, you just may never know how far.