Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Bangladeshi man receives reprieve after 19 years.

Ahmed Hossain came to New York City 19 years ago and applied for political asylumHe worked for a rival political party in Bangladesh. His lawyer put the wrong name and birthdate on his application so the case was denied. How does this even happen?? He won the green card lottery and his interview was scheduled for September 11 so his interview was cancelled and was rescheduled for a time when green cards were no longer available. Eventually, the Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-Queens/Bronx) and Se, Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) reached out the immigration officials and eventually, he was granted one year of stay. He is married to an American citizen and has two children. It does not seem like he had any criminal charges and he is a cab driver. I am curious to know more about his legal case. I feel bad for this man because of all of the unfortunate events that caused his application to keep going for almost two decades. I can’t imagine the kind of stress the family felt because it seems like he is the provider for them. I am glad that he finally received something but what happens after the one year is over?     

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