Sunday, December 04, 2011

FARC's lack of concern for human lives

Just 8 days ago, on November 26, the bodies of four members of the Colombia security forces were found in a FARC run camp in Solano, Caqueta. The FARC had been holding the four members of the security forces for over 10 years and he bodies were only found because of a war between FARC and the Colombian army. The killing of captives by the FARC is a war crime and therefore the people responsible for the deaths of four innocent people should be brought to justice; however, it is highly unlikely that they will be. Even if the people responsible confess, they would receive a jail sentence that would be less than what they should actually get due to the Justice and Peace Law that was created in Colombia in 2005. The Justice and Peace Law offers reduced sentences to any and all members of a guerrilla group as long as they confess what they have done. The possibility of receiving a lighter sentence for committing a crime such as murder is not appropriate in any way. Rather, it gave way for individuals to commit more crimes for they knew that their prison sentence would be less if they confess than before the law was created. In my own opinion, the Colombian government needs to do something now before the FARC and other guerrilla or paramilitary groups get any worse.


Anne said...

It's really difficult to believe that the Justice and Peace Law was able to get passed through into legislation- well, I guess not so much when you consider that over 80 members of the Colombian congress are being investigated for their suspected involvement with both paramilitary and guerrilla groups. Given that astounding statistic, what can the government do? Because of FARC's heavy influence, I'm not sure the government as it stands is likely (or even able) to do anything. The change needs to come from elsewhere- NGOs, political pressure, revolution. It looks like the United States is starting to get involved with the various abuses in Colombia- at least it's a start.

Cosima said...

I think your right Anne that the government won't be able to do anything really because of FARC's heavy influence in the congress. Other governments around the world need to pressure Colombia to want to make the change; however, I do not know if any government will want to step in and possibly risk ruining the way in which other countries see them. With all that said, people need to begin helping Colombia get rid of the FARC