Wednesday, December 07, 2011

South Africa: LGBT Rights in Name Only?

This is a very interesting article. In South Africa there is discrimination taking place against the LGBT community. Which exist outside of South Africa however it is employed by government officials as well. There have been various acts of sexual harassment against the LGBT. When they reach out for justice they are often laughed at and discarded. For an example a young girl tell Human Rights Watch:
“He had seen my lesbian friends coming home and he talked about how we all dress like men,” 22-year-old Dumisani (pseudonym) told Human Rights Watch. “He dragged me to the bushes. There was no one around. He told me to take off my pants. I was refusing but he was beating me. He raped me until it was late at night. … I saw the guy after that, too. A week later I heard he had raped another girl. He was arrested but he came out three days later and beat her up so badly, she was in hospital for three weeks. I was so scared.”
Yes these women chose to dress like men but how does a man raping them help their character. I have so many mixed feelings about the underlying issues of LGBT however I do not feel as though they should be discriminated against especially not by government officials. The government should be protecting them. I hope you guys read the article and share your thoughts.

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HumanRightsAdvocate23 said...

I just noticed this and the previous blog regarding the LGBT community in South Africa. I think you should read this article too:

The township that the stories and photos are from is the one that many of our students have done some extensive work.