Monday, December 05, 2011

Seeking Asylum for the Wrong Reasons

Two men, one aged 42 and the other aged 52 fled the United Kingdom in July 2008 and came to the United States seeking asylum claiming they faced persecution of their right-wing views. The two men believed that they would be able to gain asylum in the U.S. for their government was unfairly convicting them for things they said online. The men were charged with publishing hate speech against Jews, Blacks, and Asians online and were then charged and convicted of race hate offences; after they were released on bail, the pair escaped to the U.S. were they claimed asylum. The two men lost their cases for asylum and were ordered deported back the United Kingdom in 2009.
It is clear, through this case, that people come to the U.S. claiming asylum with a false understanding of what asylum is meant for and what it is meant to protect or people try to claim asylum as a way to escape serving a jail sentence for crimes they committed. Not only does the U.S. government, but all the governments in the world need to do something in order to stop these fake cases that just waste the time of Immigration Judges. Any suggestions?

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hotpinknails said...

I'm not defending these two men or advocating hate speech at all. However, we shouldn't jump the gun and automatically assume that these men were taking advantage of the US asylum system. It could be that they genuinely thought they qualified for refuge here. I kew absolutely nothing about asylum law prior to taking Human Rights and Human Wrongs and I'm sure the majority of people out there're in the same boat. I think we can best aid the system and immigration judges if through education. We begin by informing people of the issues, of the law and the system.