Friday, December 09, 2011

Struggles with Illegal Immigration

The plan to stem illegal immigration calls for building a fence along the desert border and increasing fines for companies that hire illegal immigrants. Some fear that without a firm hand against illegal immigration, the demography of the nation will be at risk. One government official says, "It's true that they come from Third World countries, but [we] cannot accommodate all of them."

If I asked you to name what country I am talking about, you would probably say the United States. But you would be wrong, as this actually is describing a situation in Israel right now. An article in the Israeli newspaper, Ha'Aretz, explains the details of the aforementioned plan. 

I just think it's funny how two completely different nations halfway around the world from one another can have virtually identical challenges with illegal immigration. 

What do you think? Should Israel (or America, for that matter) build a fence to keep out illegal immigrants? What is the proper response? I'm grateful for any insights and comments.

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